A Dummie’s Guide to Flashing Factory Firmware on Nexus 7 [2013]

This guide aims to teach people with basic computer skills to flash factory firmware image on Nexus 7 [2013] using Windows 7/10. It should apply to other modern stock Android devices.

Note: To prevent unauthorized access, unlocking the bootloader will delete all personal data on the device. Therefore, you must backup important data first before proceeding with the following procedure.
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Keeping track of svn repositories using git

  • Clone an svn repository with entire history.
  • git svn clone --prefix=origin/ svn://svn.dd-wrt.com/DD-WRT

    Note: This can be very time-consuming on a large svn repository, esp. when the network connectivity is poor.

  • Clone an svn repository with recent history only.
  • git svn clone --prefix=origin/ -r 28015:HEAD svn://svn.dd-wrt.com/DD-WRT

  • When cloning fails on a large repository, keep fetching until it’s done.
  • cd DD-WRT
    while ! git svn fetch; do sleep 10; done

  • Fetch unfetched commits from the svn repository and rebase current work against it.
  • git svn rebase

  • Checkout an older svn revision.
  • git checkout `git svn find-rev r28015`

  • Return to the latest revision.
  • git checkout master

  • Remove untracked files in the current directory.
  • git clean -n
    git clean -f



  • 环境变量WGETRC指向的文件。
  • 如果设置了环境变量HOME,则配置文件为%HOME%\.wgetrc。
  • wget.exe所在目录的.wgetrc。
  • wget.exe所在目录的wget.ini。

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Removing alternative Ubuntu flavors completely

When Ubuntu users want to try other Ubuntu flavors, e.g. Xubuntu and Lubuntu, they usually just install their meta packages:

$ sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop


$ sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop

apt-get can install their dependencies automatically. However, when users want to remove the alternative Ubuntu flavors completely, they are out of luck, because inter-dependencies among many packages can be rather complex, and apt tools simply does not automatically remove the dependencies of meta packages.
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Upgrading Ubuntu 12.04 to 14.04 on Pentium-M computers

Starting from 12.10, Ubuntu no longer offered non-PAE kernels. Some Pentium-M processors do not announce the PAE flag, although they actually have the PAE capability. When doing a release upgrade from 12.04, the Ubuntu release upgrade tool will complain of missing PAE feature on such computers and then abort after printing a link to the EnablingPAE document on the Ubuntu community help website. However, this document only covers fresh Ubuntu installation on such computers, leaving release upgrade users out in the cold.
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Ubuntu 14.04中PHP命令行找不到MIBS的提示信息

安装了php的Ubuntu 14.04服务器每半小时会执行一次/etc/cron.d/php5脚本,清理超时的php会话文件。由于找不到snmp mibs文件,php命令行解释器启动时会吐出一堆提示信息,这些信息会被Cron Daemon通过Email发送给root用户。日积月累这些无意义的邮件也会占用不少存储空间,并且会淹没有用的邮件。
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